Friday, May 9, 2008

The planets must have been aligned yesterday. The wind came in as forecasted and I was able to get on the water at lunch with an 88L board and a 6.0 sail. Dorian and Fred got me dialed in to the right rig. I was limited on time so when I got out to the House of Refuge I was able to make one run south of the spoil island to the west side and then back to the House. Then I caught a gust and headed off the wind and recorded 31mph on the gps. I know Art was out the whole time but didn't catch up with him. When I got back to the island James was heading out, but I had to pack it up. After work I picked up Willa, some smaller sails and went back out to the causeway. Brandon and James were out, Dino was rigging. There was flatter water out at the House, a fair amount of chop in the middle and the consensus was a good time had by all! Then to top it off for dinner I pulled in to RaceTrac gas station and got one of those hot dogs that have been cooking for about 4 hours and loaded it up. The way Willa was drooling you would have thought it was a steak, so I shared it with her. What a great day.

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