Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smoke On The Water

Other than the smokey conditions, this afternoon turned out to be a good day. When I first arrived, there was about 5 Formula boards with sails up to 11m. It did not look too promising for me since the biggest sail I had with me was the 7.2m. One slight chance of hope was that Dorian, who's a big guy, was sailing on 7.5. I rigged my 7.2 and to my surprise took off like a bat out of hell, which sounds more accurate than it really was since the sky looked like it was on fire, with sun being darkened to a fiery orange color by all the smoke; it was quite a sight.
Flat water and gusty West/SouthWesterly winds made for great speed sailing. The water was clear, and few of us were even able to sail under the bridge and continue on North toward the Jensen Causeway. I believe Eugene did just that because for a while I could not locate him anywhere on the south side of the island until he finally reapered through the bridge.
While I do not wish these high winds keep adding fuel to the Florida fires, it sure was good to have them this late in season.

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