Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tough day on the water

10/31/08 - I went out friday during lunch and had a good sail. I hadn't been on the water in 2 1/2 weeks. Wind was out of the NNE 20 - 25. Rigged a 7.0 and sailed up to the Jensen causeway and on the way back saw Dave M and a few others. I went out again after work and rigged the same. Dino, Ron and Clark were there. Shortly after hitting the wind line and getting powered up everything came unglued and I ended up in the water......my mast broke. Dino sailed by and took my boom in and then Ron sailed over and offered to pick me up at the west island. That was a big help, so I rolled up the sail and broken mast and lashed it to the board and paddled in. Later I found out David had broken down earlier in the day.

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James Douglass said...

Bummer about the breakdown! Maybe you can get a new mast from John P who sails at the Fort Pierce jetty and has an RV and trailer full of new and used gear for sale. I got a nice 460 from him the other day.