Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday was forecast to be a big wind day out of the north so I headed up to the south jetty. At 9:30 it was blowing 12 - 15 and at 10:15 it was 15 - 17. I rigged a 7.0 on a 118L board and headed out. James was already on the water and we sailed around for a while. When I got past the jetty I had way to much speed and it was hard to control the board so after a half hour I came in and talked to Jon and James some. I considered rigging a smaller sail but decided to go back out and then the wind faded. I plan to try it again when the conditions are right and can be on smaller gear. I headed down to the Stuart causeway and everyone was packing up because the wind had droped. I saw Mathew and Greg (aka. Kawabunga). Art was rerigging and Dino was on his way but I decided to head home.

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James Douglass said...

Hey Dave! Major kudos for braving the ocean. That was no small feat on scary-fast freeride gear. I was pretty comfy on a 106 L freestyle-wave board with a 6.6, but I reckon both of us could have used slightly smaller sails. Hope to see you at the Jetty again soon.