Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great day windsurfing to start the new year! I arrived at the causeway around 10:00 and Jenny and her dad were rigging. She took off on a 6.0 with an 88L board and was nicely powered so I rigged the same. I made a few runs south of the island and then headed out to the channel and worked my way over to the House of Refuge. I was out there for almost two hours when Art and James showed up. James and I raced around for a short time and then I headed back to the island. Once I got over to the west side of the channel I realized I would not be able to get back out to the House with this rig because the wind had faded some. The island was really crowded with windsurfers, it was quite a sight! I ate some food and couldn't decide if I wanted to go out again. Finally I grabbed my 118L board and went out for another hour. The wind was lined up so you could run up and down the channel and I was able to get behind this big cabin cruiser that was throwing out a huge wake and was able to surf it for quite a ways.

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