Monday, July 6, 2009

pleasently suprised

Sunday I was on the water at 4:00 riding the formula board with an 8.5. When I was driving across the causeway Art was heading out on his 7.5 and he looked well powered. I considered rigging a 7.0 but by the time I was in the water the wind had backed down. It was a challenge getting out with the light wind, boats, jet skies and chop. I schloged for half and hour and then the wind filled in and I was well powered. I sailed with Art on the east side of the channel north of the spoil island and the wind was out of the SSE. The wind stayed up for an hour and then faded. By the time I got back to the causeway it picked up again. Chris was heading out and if I knew the wind was going to stay up I would have rigged my 7.0. I was making runs back and forth across the river just south of the causeway. The boat traffic had died and there was a lot less chop. Two kite boarders were out and the wind was the strongest it had been all day. I quit at 7:00 and Art came in soon after, he said this was the best it had been in several weeks.

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