Thursday, July 30, 2009

Storm sailing

Sunday afternoon Art, Dino, Austin, Ron T and I were at the causeway. The afternoon storms were already developing and the wind was building. I rigged an 8.5 on the formula board and was out briefly when the lightning was getting a little to close. Shortly after getting back to the island the rain came and the lightning was flashing around us. All of us stood under the bridge as the storm cell moved off. At this point no boats or jet skies were on the water and it was flat with some real nice gusts coming through but the lightning was still overhead so all we could do was watch. Eventually we were able to get back out, it was nice to sail with a group of people again.

Wednesday was forecasted to have good wind but a storm cell formed right over the causeway and shut down the wind. Dino was able to catch 20 minutes of wind before this happened. I waited to see if it would build after the storm. I rigged the 8.5 and Art was on his 7.5 and it looked doable at first but then it faded. I was on a plane for 1 minute and schlooged the next 45.

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