Monday, January 18, 2010

Great weekend for windsurfing

Saturday the wind was steady out of the SE with heavy cloud cover. I rigged a 6.0 on the wave board and was on the water for the afternoon. There was a lot of sailors launching from both islands of the causeway. Art logged 85 miles on the gps with a top speed of 29 plus mph. Late in the afternoon when everyone was packing up James, Dino, Ron and I were racing each other back and forth across the river, it was a hoot.
Sunday the wind was out of the SW and it took a while to build. Once it came up it was a typical west wind with some holes. I rigged a 7.0 on the 118L board and was kind of dissapointed with all the holes. But the wind kept building till I had to rig a 6.0. By this time a lot of windsurfers and some kiteboarders were on the water. The wind was crazy, the gusts would come in like a freight train and I was wishing I had a smaller sail. Then it would go slack and you would do your best to coast to the next windline.

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