Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warmer temps are coming

Geez, its been a week since I was out on the water. Last Tuesday the wind was out of the NW with a lot of holes. Art and "Cape Cod" Dave were on the water. I rigged a 6.0 and went out on the 92L Synchro. The wind was backing off and the holes were getting bigger so I grabbed the 118L Techno 2 and headed back out. It was better for a while but the wind continued to back off.
Saturday another front was coming through so I planned on going out on Sunday. Sunday the wind was cranking and the sun was shinning but the temperture hit a high of 45 degrees and I stayed home.
This Saturday is looking to be good with winds out of the SE 20-28 mph with the high in the upper 70's.....count me in.
I edited a video I shot on New Years weekend. The camera was mounted right above the clew of the sail which gives an interesting perspective. I learned about this from reading James Douglasses blog. The video is posted above.

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