Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Day for Family Windsurfing

I was somewhat surprised the wind filled in the way it did on Sunday. Forecast was downgraded Sunday morning to around 12mph and I was not expecting much to say the least. Once I got there around 2pm, Dave had his 7.0 rigged, so I rigged my 7.2m sail with the 92l JP board. Dave took off and seemed powered up. Once I got away from the boat traffic and the bridge, it was surprisingly easy to plane and head up to the "House". Dick joined us from the IRP for a short while, but I think he might have been slightly underpowered. Dave and I hung out by the "House" and buzzed the spoil islands cautiously since the clear water made it look much shallower. Glad I was using the 40cm fin and not the 58 -70cm fins we got accustomed to sailing. After coming in for a short break, it seemed the wind picked up even more, so I went out for few more runs. When I got back Ernesto and his family were rigging up for a windsurfing lesson. Looks like we might have some more windsurfers at the causeway in the future. Later in the day I received a text from Ron who is vacationing in Jamaica, telling me about the 25-30mph winds and being overpowered on a 5.5m. And I thought we had it good. :)

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