Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend provides great sailing

For a weekend that wasn't forecasted with much wind it turned out great. The prediction was SE at 9 but the afternoon thunderstorms seemed to position themselves to enhance the wind.
Sunday I was at the causeway at noon, rigged a 7.0 and sailed about 2 hours. The causeway was packed with people, boat traffic was heavy and the water was very choppy. Ron, Art and David were on the water and I sailed mostly up at the House of Refuge were the water was a lot smoother. I saw James D. and I suspect he was getting his new Exocet warp slalom dialed in. I was hoping to check it out and talk to him but he left before I got back.
Monday I arrived around 3:00 and went out on the same rig. If I had arrived an hour earlier I could have been on a 6.0! Art, David, Ron and Dino were on the water. I forgot my booties and was slipping around on my board and then I went into the shallows on the west side of the channel to avoid boat traffic and messed up my fin. After swapping out fins I had a good hour of sailing. Dino was sporting his new, well almost, JP slalom v board. Very nice looking board, looks like "the pack" was starting to catch up with him and he had to upgrade his equipment... ugh. I met some new sailors at the causeway; Kim, Jim and Linda. I did take note of their rather dated windsurfing equipment but what really caught my eye was their 7 year old Weimer' named Tess. When I was about to pack up they offered me a beer wrapped in a coolly that looked much like a windsurfing glove, how cool was that! Anyways, Kim used to race like 20 years ago and Linda has a boat load of old equipment. They live locally and we will probably see them more and more at the causeway.

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