Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer heat and formula gear

Saturday afternoon we got home from our trip. I was able to get down to the causeway and rig an 8.5 on the formula board. Art, David and Dino were on the water. I had plenty of power, the wind was out of the NNE and was able to make some long runs up and down the river. Boat traffic was heavy which created a lot of chop close to the channel but the east side was fairly smooth.
Sunday the the conditions were similar with the same sailors on the water. I rigged the same but the wind was a tad lighter.
Tuesday I was able to get on the water after work. Wind was still NNE and I rigged the same but it was definitely lighter. Art was just finishing up on a 7.5 and he said the wind was good coming out of the cove north of Joes point. Ron and David were on the water and I headed up the river. I made some good runs and was opposite Joes point when the wind faded out. I was pretty disappointed and started to schlog back to the causeway. I was 2/3rds of the way there when the wind started to fill in. Ron and Dino came out and we had a blast. Very little boat traffic, fairly flat water and some real nice gusts coming in. We sailed almost to sunset and had a great time.

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