Monday, May 3, 2010

We have had some good SE winds blowing for the past 4 days or so. I was able to get out on Thursday and Friday after work on my 118L bic with a 7.0. It is so nice to end a work day on the water sailing with friends! Saturday I wasn’t able to sail but the wind was good. Sunday I arrived at the causeway around 12 and rigged a 6.0 and sailed it all afternoon. I was sailing south of the spoil island on my 88L axxis racing around with Art, James, Dino and eventually Andrea made her way out. There was a couple hundred yard stretch of flat water, between the spoil island, with some strong gusts coming through. It made for some fast, close, very competitive sailing. When we got back to the causeway Alex and Raf were doing that freestyle and kite boarding thing. Later in the afternoon Clark and Dr. Connelly showed up. As the wind started to back down I put the 6.0 on my 92L synchro and sailed over on the west side of the river.

All our windsurfing friends from up north departed last week and it appears they took all the cool air with them. These SE winds have heated things up but it has made for some great sailing.

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