Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday surprise - Sunday pleasant sail

Ron making his way in Sunday afternoon.

Friday I showed up earlier in the day, (around 12pm) and it seemed the rain shower that just passed thru would kill any chance of me catching a sail session before work, but to my surprise it ended up turning into one excellent hour and a half of sailing on 7.2m/92l which toward the end was getting to be more like a 6.0m. I spoke to Ron who was heading up as I was leaving the causeway and he ended up sailing thru late afternoon with his 7.4m/112l combination, but admitted he could have easily rigged a smaller 6.x m sail.

I did not sail Saturday and it seemed to me we had light winds for most of the day, but Sunday after looking at the chart on Jensen Beach Web Cam showed a consistent increase in winds giving me the feeling that we might have a decent day. Sure enough as I was driving across the Stuart Causeway, I could see the whitecaps forming thru the House of Refuge and was able to spot the familiar red and clear sail that is seen most sailable days at the Causeway.
David and his dad were both readying their boards and rigs and Ron T. was rigged and ready on his 8.4m/Formula board. I rigged the same and headed out to the H.o.Refuge where I met up with Art and Ron T. High tide gave us access to sailing by the islands without too much concern for running aground. Wind filled in some more and it was a very pleasant sail. Later I was joined by my fiancee Karen and we sailed together into the sunset on the Formula board.

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