Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday was bright and sunny with the wind ESE. I arrived at the causeway around 2 and a lot of windsurfers were showing up. Art was out on a 7.5 and looking south it seemed I would have to rig an 8.5 which I wasn't thrilled in doing. So I thought I would wait and see if the wind would come up some. Their were two young windsurfers, Max and Jake, buzzing around and it was fun watching them. I started talking to their mother, Jennifer and she said they just moved here from Aruba. The kids are into kite boarding as well. I shot some photos but then my batteries died. Ron showed up and he rigged a 9.0 and I rigged my 8.5 on the formula board. We went down to the House of Refuge and I was wishing I was on my 7.0 and the 118L board. So I ran the channel a few times and it was fairly flat next to the sandbar. I ended up putting the 8.5 on the 118L board and Ron and I sailed under the bridge and up to Jensen causeway and back.

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