Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday was good. I rigged a 7.0 on my 118L bic and spent two hours out at the House. I was having a blast on flat water making some real nice jibes and then Dino shows up. He was riding his 92L JP slalom board with a 6.2 sail and blows past me, that board is sick!
Thursday the wind was lighter, Rick was on an 8.5 and Art was on a 7.5. Art said he really flattened out his sail and could have been on a 6.5. So I rigged my 7.0 and ended up schlogging down the channel. Rick came blasting by showing me the error of my ways. Once I got past the spoil island I headed over to the House. The wind was filled in enough so I could get up on plane. I spent most my time trying to learn how to do a duck jibe. I could get to the new side of the boom OK but my front foot would get hung up in the strap. One time I was able to complete the jibe without falling in, that was exciting.
It looks like we will have 3 - 4 more days of wind, courtesy of hurricane Igor. The wind is forecasted to clock around to the NE by Monday in the 16-24 mph range.

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