Monday, November 29, 2010

Cookout at the causeway

Cookout at the causeway turned out great. Late Saturday the weather forecast did not look good, they were showing rain and light wind. Sunday morning it was mostly sunny and very breezy. At 12:00 I rigged an 8.5 on the formula board and met up with Ron at the sandbar south of the spoil island. The wind was out of the east and the water was very clear. Ron was on a 145L board and an 8.4. I was out an hour and was nicely powered. When I got back there was a lot of windsurfers on the water.
Around 2:00 people made there way over to the shelter. We had a couple grills going and the tables were getting loaded up with food. I was surprised to see Clark and Vi, they have been here a month. Later on Phil and Jennifer came over with there good friend Dasher, what a surprise that was! In all I would say 25 - 30 people showed up.
At 5:00 I made a few runs up and down the channel till sunset. Ron, Dino and Jake were out as well.

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