Sunday, November 21, 2010

no power to overpowered

Today I arrived at the causeway around 3:00 and it seemed dead. The wind was out of the east with a partly cloudy sky. Mat was coming in when I got there and he said there wasn't much wind out at the House of Refuge. I called the wind line several times and it seemed like it was building. So I rigged my 8.5 and headed down the channel. I caught several gusts and ended up on the sandbar between the two spoil islands. Ron showed up on his formula and a 9.0. He had been out awhile and sailed down to the inlet and up to the Jensen causeway and back down to the spoil island. East of us some dark clouds were headed our way so we headed to the causeway. I could see Mat out by the House of Refuge and he was planing and then the wind really filled in. I made 4 runs from the causeway to the spoil island and back and was fairly overpowered. By this time the boat traffic was light and the wind backed down to a manageable level and it was fun. Then when I was coming in at sunset the wind came in huge!

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