Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday 2/28. I hadn't been on the water in over a week and was hoping the wind would pick up in the afternoon and it did. I got to the causeway at 1:30 and rigged a 7.0 on my 118L board. Wind was out of the SSE and I had plenty of power. I was sailing from the House of Refuge to the east side of the channel and back. I wasn't out to long and Art and Dave M showed up followed by Dino. We had a great time buzzing around and then I was jibing and ran out of water and broke my fin. Geeze you really don't appreciate your fin until you try sailing without one. Art and Dave kept an eye on me and offered advice as I made my way back to the island.
Today is forecasted for big wind out of the SW and I hope to get out there in the afternoon.

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