Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cold Front Moves In

While the warm weather left us, high winds continued although not as strong as Monday's which I learned gusted up to 60mph at the Stuart's Airport which is minutes from the Causeway.
Tuesday's highs were only in the low 70s, but winds were in the 20 to 30mph range from the W/NW, perhaps with higher gust at times and this time the sailing was only good on the north side of the East Island. I showed up a bit late, around 3pm and there was only 3 to 4 windsurfers still willing to endure the "harsh cold" conditions. Mostly they were on 5.0m to 5.6m sails, so after some deliberation I put on my shorty wet suit and rigged a 5.0m sail with the 95l board which turned out to be the right combination. Forecast for today is 5 to 10mph, but tomorrow looks more promising... and warmer.

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