Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This morning while drinking coffee I'm watching the white caps and thinking I should get out on the water but the tempertaure is in the mid 40's. So at 9:30 I head out and end up down at the Salvo day use area. I put on my 3/2 wet suit and feel cold and I haven't gotten in the water yet. Unfortunately the wind had been decreasing since 8:00 and I end up chasing gusts to get up on plane. After an hour it felt to much like work so I headed in. There were 2 windsurfers out and some kite boarders. I went out at 4:00 and put some fleece on under the wetsuit and feel much better. I rig a 6.0 on the 118L and had way to much speed so I switched to the 88L and had a pretty good time. The wind blew out of the west all day so you could sail up and down the coast which was nice and it was partly sunny.