Saturday, April 25, 2009

Race at Stuart causeway

Wow what an event and what a day! We had a big turn out at the causeway for the race and the wind/weather couldn't have been any better. Wind was out of the ESE and I was on a 7.0 and a 118L board and was nicely powered. The course was fairly simple and it ended right at the island so it was exciting for the people on shore. We had racers from Daytona, Miami and as far away as France. I will post some photos, race results and links to other sites as well.

Click on this link For Ricks view of the event and early race results:

Sarahs photos:

race results:
1 Loic Legallois
2 Ron Kern
3 Alex Morales
4 Clark H.
5 Don Wagner
6 Steve Gottleib
7 Jon Plaster
8 Davd Zajicek
9 James Douglas
10 John Cerchio
11 Charles Dahan
12 Eugene Belogay
13 Mike Rayl
14 Sander
15 Andrea

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