Monday, May 25, 2009

Last week we had a tropical wave to our south combine with a front that created some weather. In fact we went from drought to deluge. For the most part the wind would build and then drop as a rain cell would pass through. On Wednesday from 5 - 7 pm there was good wind, but I missed it. On Thursday at 5 I arrived at the causeway as Henry, Art and David were finishing up. Alex and Jon were out and Dino was on his way. I rigged a 7.0 on my 118L board and headed out to the House of Refuge. I was out about 20 minutes and catching some huge gusts on flat water and was having a blast but found I was getting over powered. I went to the spoil island and flattened out my sail and headed back to the island. Jon had left and Brandon was out and Dino was rigging. Dino rigged a 5.8 and I went to a 6.0 on my 92L board. I was getting used to the board and switched to a larger fin. The wind stayed up and at times I wished I had rigged a 5.0. We ended up sailing till 8:30 and figured we had better quit as we were becoming a hazard to navigation.

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Dino said...

Just wanted to add how great it was not to worry about any of the sandbars on the south side of the causeway due to unusually high tides. How's the West Coast Dave? Any wind?