Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday afternoon was better than expected!! I planned to meet Sarah and Frank at the west island so they could continue honing there windsurfing skills. I arrived around 2:00 and the river was covered in white caps and the railings on the bridge were buzzing. Windline said 26 out of the south. I was figuring 10 - 15 and didn't have my 88L board, so the learning session was scrubed. I rigged a 6.0 on my 118L board and pounded my way out to the House of Refuge. Art was already there and we were soon joined by Dino, Austin, Dr Connelly, and Andrea. The water was flat near the spoil island and when you cleared the sandbar heading west you could almost point south because of the wind shift. As you started your jibe occasionaly you could catch huge wind coming down the channel. Heading east it got choppy halfway to the House and flattened out near the east side. We had a great time!

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James Douglass said...

Too bad it was too windy for Sarah and Frank's lesson. The same thing sort-of happened to me that afternoon, but I ended up giving my lesson anyway, with a 3.5 sail. I knew it was too windy when I hopped on the Kona with the 3.5 and actually got it planing! After the lesson when I went to the beach, though, the wind dropped and I was underpowered on 5.5. Ended up trying my kiteboard for the first time in about 12 knots... It was ugly, but kinda fun.