Monday, May 18, 2009

New Toys

Finally, after about a week, (seems longer) of sailing the big stuff, (8.4m+ sails), we had a day where the winds kicked up to a respectable 16-20mph at the causeway. Austin and I showed up at the peak time, ~ 4pm. Andrea was sailing the West Island, while Art, Henry and Dick launched from the East Island. It looked like a perfect 7.2m day for me and Austin opted for a 5.8m sail based on Andrea's observation that her 6.5m sail was becoming too much for her. Battling the chop and waiting for the boat traffic to clear the channel was the worst part of the day, (we should have launched on the East Island). Once we got closer to the House of Refuge, the water was flatter and sailing spectacular. Austin was able to get into both foot straps so he was heading up wind almost as high as I was. We saw Art heading back and later we saw Dave and Brandon trying to come up to the "House", but the wind started dying off by then so we headed back. Dave and Brandon showed up as we were de-rigging. Apparently Dave just made a trip to the West Coast and picked up his new Mistral Syncro, a 92l, 245cm long and 59cm wide board that promises to make Dave into a wave sailor. At the very least, he is ready for the hurricane season.

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James Douglass said...

Congrats to Dave on the new board! The easy ocean sailing at Fort Pierce inlet awaits!