Sunday, August 2, 2009

From River to the Ocean

Today started out very promising. Jensen Beach Web Page wind history chart was showing the winds heading up from 7:30am until it peaked at 1:30pm registering 18-22mph. Austin, I and Ron showed up and rigged accordingly. Everything was going great until a storm cell threatened to bring heavy rain and lightning on us. For about 45 minutes I sailed a 7.2m sail, Austin was on 5.8m, and Ron on 7.5. The storm came close and briefly shifted the winds from the W/SW allowing us to cruise on in. While it never truly materialized into much above the causeway, it shut the winds off until about 6pm. Optimistically we waited for about an hour, then decided to try our luck at the Juno Beach Reef Club where there was still some wind. Austin rigged a 7.4m sail, while Ron opted for the 9.0m/Formula board. Both did well in the ocean even though the wind was dropping there as well. Ron is already a pro at sailing the ocean, while Austin was learning how to master the ocean swells for the first time.

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James Douglass said...

That's awesome to see you guys riding in the ocean! Congrats to Austin for braving the swells.