Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday...

...is what I would have told anyone sailing today had I actually sailed yesterday. From all our weather indicators, web sites, charts and our keen sense for wind, it was obvious that Monday was the better of two days to sail. However, there is something to say for having a quiet, (relatively speaking of course), day at the causeway sailing with your son. Austin and I showed up around 3pm and from the light chop in the distance it seemed like we would have a decent sail. There was almost no boats or jet skis on the water which is always a plus. I rigged my now all too common 8.4 m sail/Formula board/58-cm fin combo, which is probably good for 90% of the sailable wind during the summer. Austin sailed his summer favorite NP Excess 7.4 m sail/North Shore Maui board w/52-cm fin. The flat water made it easy to plane and we both enjoyed it until the winds backed off due to most likely a storm cell hanging off to our north and one to our west.

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Workin Dave said...

So why didn't you sail on Monday???