Thursday, April 15, 2010

The east wind is blowin

Tuesday the wind was out of the east and I rigged a 7.0. It was nice and sunny, Art David D, Dorian and James C were on the water. I headed out as the wind backed down slightly. I was catching an occasional gust but I was generally dissapointed. After 45 minutes it started to build and I had a half hour of pretty decent sailing. I went out again later on the same rig and the wind was nicely filled in. Dino, Ron T and I sailed the channel till sunset. It was great the sandbar on the east side cut all the chop which made for some nice jibing.

Wednesday I rigged a 6.0 on my 118L bic and sailed the northside of the island. I met up with James C. at the cove north on Joes point and I was a bit overpowered. The water was fairly flat and we were racing back and forth till I broke a harness line. I made it back to the island and Dino loaned me a harness line. I put the rig on my axxis 285 and we sailed the southside of the island. We were back out in the channel again with more wind than the previous day. It was great till I broke the arm on my boom! I swapped booms and was back out till I could sail no longer. I told Dino I was weeding out all my weak equipment before I go to Hatteras

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