Monday, April 12, 2010

Storm sailing

Saturday the wind didn't come in as expected. However, we did get to see Storm go out for a sail on his 8th birthday. Ann and Storm sail well together. The wind did come up some but I didn't have my formula gear. Dino let me use his 8.4 on my bic, but I really needed the formula board and fin.

Sunday was better and I brought my formula gear. Art and David D were on the water and it was hard to tell what to rig. There was very little air on the causeway but Art was doing well on his 7.5. I really wanted to rig a 7.0 but chose the 8.5 on the formula board. Once I got 200 yards north of the island it became apparent that I should have rigged a 7.0. I went back to the island to make some adjustments and Ron T and Dino were there. I ended up downhauling the 8.5 and putting it on my bic. As I headed back out some heavy clouds came through and not to long after that a heavy rain developed that knocked the wind down some. So I was pretty much rigged right and was able to sail in the cove north of Joes point. The water was flat there with some really nice gusts coming through and it was easy to sail from bridge to bridge. Later as I was de-rigging Dino came in and said Ron was broke down pretty far north of the causeway. His fin had broke off. So we scrounged up a power box fin and some screws and Dino headed back out with the parts. I talked to Ron later and he said the screw had snapped off and he lost his fin. He was able to rail the board and get a lot closer to the causeway. Dino met up with him and they put the other fin on.

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