Friday, April 9, 2010

Thanks buddy!

This week has provided some pretty good wind. I was only able to get out on Wednesday after work. I rigged an 8.5 on my 118L board with a 48cm pointer fin. I haven't sailed that setup in quite a while and it felt great. I was out for over an hour, boat traffic was light and it was mostly sunny with the wind out of the SE. The wind stayed up and I was well powered. I had a great time.

This has been a tough week at work and a fellow windsurfer, I won't mention his name, kept texting me. Telling me when he was rigging down to a smaller sail. The worst was when he asked what size mast to rig the 5.0 I sold him. You know, generally implying in a subtle way how epic the conditions were. Meanwhile I am working trying to appear that I care about the customers particular dilemma and all the while wishing I was anywhere but there. Sheesh..... Thanks DINO!

This weekend and the following week is looking good. East wind 16-23 and building 20-28 on Thursday.


James Douglass said...

I'll be sailing and kiting the Fort Pierce South Jetty this weekend if y'all want to come up for some ocean riding!

Dino said...

Just want to make sure you stay well informed. :)