Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday the wind was nothing like Saturday, those darned weatherman. I got to the causeway around 3 and David D and Art were on the water schlooging for the most part. Around 5 some gusts were coming through mostly south of the spoil island and Art was flying. Ron had gone out with a 9.0 and he and David were catching some gusts as well. Eventually the wind did make its way to the causeway and the railings started to buzz. So I rigged a 7.0 and headed out about the same time the wind started to back down. I had a few runs but the current was really ripping and I couldn't get any further south then the marina. I came in and got a bigger fin but it didn't help much. After we called it quits I was able to check out Davids formula board. Its pretty cool 228cm long and 100cm wide.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday 54.1 miles

Friday when I arrived at the causeway the wind was a lot less than forecasted. I Rigged an 8.5 on the formula board and went out for over an hour. Dino rigged his 10.5 and we sailed till almost sunset.

Today was great! Nice and sunny with plenty of wind. I saw a lot of sailors on the water. I rigged a 6.0 on my 88L axxis and spent 3 hours out at the House of Refuge. The water was so flat with real nice gusts coming through, it was hard to stop. I was trying to hit 30 mph and it seemed doable but I could only manage 29.2, guess I need to tweak some things.


Here is a copy of Rick Randall (Maui Malone) post on the forum page: Ok, so I have arranged to be off from my bill paying job the weekend of May 8 and 9!Let's fling this thing into gear! My idea is to have a 2 day festival of fun on and off the water.We will have a variety of events so that everyone has a chance to participate in some aspect of it.There will be some slalom and possibly long distance racing, some sort of GPS competition, maybe freestyle in at least a demonstration form. Hopefully Paul will give some introductory lessons to anyone interested in experiencing the sport.We can do some BBQ action at the beach. I will get an experienced racer to give some sort of clinic. We will get some cold beverages flowing at the end of the day, maybe I can get a semi local famous videographer to shoot some vids of the action.Canadian Dave has generously volunteered his boat again this year. We will need some help with checking in, and scoring competitors. Someone to operate a grill, pass out water, act as cheerleaders, photographers, beach ambassadors. There will be a small entry fee to offset the costs involved in doing this, maybe $20-25? If you are interested in having T shirts, medals for winners and the like, the cost would need to rise. If we do it as more of a communal fun event we can keep the cost way down.......Let me know of any and all suggestions you have for this ASAP. It takes a bit of time to pull even a basic event together! If the wind gods smile on us like last year, this will be an awesome weekend of fun for everyone! His email:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The east wind is blowin

Tuesday the wind was out of the east and I rigged a 7.0. It was nice and sunny, Art David D, Dorian and James C were on the water. I headed out as the wind backed down slightly. I was catching an occasional gust but I was generally dissapointed. After 45 minutes it started to build and I had a half hour of pretty decent sailing. I went out again later on the same rig and the wind was nicely filled in. Dino, Ron T and I sailed the channel till sunset. It was great the sandbar on the east side cut all the chop which made for some nice jibing.

Wednesday I rigged a 6.0 on my 118L bic and sailed the northside of the island. I met up with James C. at the cove north on Joes point and I was a bit overpowered. The water was fairly flat and we were racing back and forth till I broke a harness line. I made it back to the island and Dino loaned me a harness line. I put the rig on my axxis 285 and we sailed the southside of the island. We were back out in the channel again with more wind than the previous day. It was great till I broke the arm on my boom! I swapped booms and was back out till I could sail no longer. I told Dino I was weeding out all my weak equipment before I go to Hatteras

Monday, April 12, 2010

Storm sailing

Saturday the wind didn't come in as expected. However, we did get to see Storm go out for a sail on his 8th birthday. Ann and Storm sail well together. The wind did come up some but I didn't have my formula gear. Dino let me use his 8.4 on my bic, but I really needed the formula board and fin.

Sunday was better and I brought my formula gear. Art and David D were on the water and it was hard to tell what to rig. There was very little air on the causeway but Art was doing well on his 7.5. I really wanted to rig a 7.0 but chose the 8.5 on the formula board. Once I got 200 yards north of the island it became apparent that I should have rigged a 7.0. I went back to the island to make some adjustments and Ron T and Dino were there. I ended up downhauling the 8.5 and putting it on my bic. As I headed back out some heavy clouds came through and not to long after that a heavy rain developed that knocked the wind down some. So I was pretty much rigged right and was able to sail in the cove north of Joes point. The water was flat there with some really nice gusts coming through and it was easy to sail from bridge to bridge. Later as I was de-rigging Dino came in and said Ron was broke down pretty far north of the causeway. His fin had broke off. So we scrounged up a power box fin and some screws and Dino headed back out with the parts. I talked to Ron later and he said the screw had snapped off and he lost his fin. He was able to rail the board and get a lot closer to the causeway. Dino met up with him and they put the other fin on.

Storm goes for a sail


Friday, April 9, 2010

Thanks buddy!

This week has provided some pretty good wind. I was only able to get out on Wednesday after work. I rigged an 8.5 on my 118L board with a 48cm pointer fin. I haven't sailed that setup in quite a while and it felt great. I was out for over an hour, boat traffic was light and it was mostly sunny with the wind out of the SE. The wind stayed up and I was well powered. I had a great time.

This has been a tough week at work and a fellow windsurfer, I won't mention his name, kept texting me. Telling me when he was rigging down to a smaller sail. The worst was when he asked what size mast to rig the 5.0 I sold him. You know, generally implying in a subtle way how epic the conditions were. Meanwhile I am working trying to appear that I care about the customers particular dilemma and all the while wishing I was anywhere but there. Sheesh..... Thanks DINO!

This weekend and the following week is looking good. East wind 16-23 and building 20-28 on Thursday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunset sail

Sunday I met Dino at the causeway around 4:00. The wind was very light and I was hesitant in rigging. Dino rigged his 10.7, caught a gust and headed down to the spoil island. So I rigged a 10.5 and schlogged south. Then I followed Dino and schlogged north under the bridge. It wasn't until we got near Joes point around 6:15 that the wind kicked in and we were blasting from causeway to causeway. Boat traffic was light, skies were fairly clear and we watched the sun inch its way to the horizon. It was great!