Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Around 4:30 Dino calls me and says it's blowing at the causeway. I haven't sailed in 12 days so it didn't take much to talk me into going. The wind is out of the SE with a fair amount of white caps on the water so I rig a 7.0 and head out. The wind is fading so it was 20 minutes of mediocre sailing followed by 40 minutes of schlogging. So we end up on the island of the causeway talking and around 7:20 it starts picking up, right around the time Dino finally de-rigged his sail. So I head back out, younger Brandon is already out and the wind really fills in. I had to stop several times and flatten out my sail, it was great. As Brandon starts heading in I notice 2 sails streaking back and forth close to the causeway, Ron and Dino are back out. We sailed after sunset, it was sweet.

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