Monday, May 7, 2012

Frisco NC.

We arrived at the Outer Banks Sunday around 2:00pm. At 3:00 I am rigged and toting my gear down to the launch site at Frisco Woods campground. I am looking at the windsurfers standing around the area and there is Jerry!! They stopped at the Outer Banks on there way north and when Jerry heard it was going to blow he came over to Frisco Woods. I had rigged a 5.2 on my axxis 285 with a pointer fin. Jerry told me a 4.7 was more appropriate for the wind speed so I flattened out my sail and headed out. The axxis always needed a lot of power to get on plane so the sail wasn't a problem but the weeds were. I couldn't go 100 yards without picking up weeds. When Jerry was through he let me borrrow his weed fin and it was unbelievable. The board got on plane easier, pointed well and didn't pick up any weeds. I was so impressed I traced the outline on a cardboard box and wrote down the specs. This morning the very first windsurf shop had a used weed fin that was very close to the outline of Jerry's so I picked it up for $50. Back to the camp ground we go so I rigged a 6.0 on the axxis and it performed great. I sailed an hour or so and the wind seemed to back off some so I got out the bic. The free ride fin fouled up pretty fast with weeds so I headed in. The wind came up some so I was back out on the axxis. Later in the afternoon I picked up a weed fin for the bic at Hatteras Island Sail Shop and we talked quite a while with Barton. Yesterday afternoon and today was sunny with the wind out of the NE and a temperture of 75 degrees. Wearing a shorty wetsuit was all that was needed. There was a half dozen windsurfers and about 14 kite boarders on the water. Also, when we drove past Canadian hole the parking lot was packed.

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