Thursday, May 31, 2012

TS Beryl brought some weather to our area. Sunday afternoon when I arrived at the causeway the wind fades. I was hesitant to rig an 8.5 on the formula board because it looked like it could light up at any minute. Dennis and I were on 8.5's, Dino on a 7.3 and I am not sure what Art was on. We sailed for 45 minutes or so and the wind did come up. I rigged a 7.0 on the Bic and as I was launching Ron pulls up in his boat. He was out at the sandbar with his wife and friends. He had been sailing a 10.0 on his formula. I sailed the 7.0 for another hour, it was great.
Monday was similiar; I showed up, wind dies. Although the wind was stronger so Ron, Dino, Dorian and Art were on 6.5's and small boards. Dennis was smart he was sailing close to the causeway the others were way out at the House of Refuge. The storm that rolled through Jensen shut the wind down at the causeway first, so Dennis came in. We watched as the others continued to sail as another storm worked it's way through Stuart and soon they were standing still. Then multiple lightning strikes and heavy rain came in. Dino and Dorian swam their rigs in, a power boat came out to assist and brought Art in. Ron swam over to IR Plantation, took a nap on the fairway, and schlogged back when the wind started to stir.

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