Thursday, May 3, 2012

Since Sunday afternoon the wind has been blowing out of the SE. I sailed Sunday on a 7.0, the water was shallow and I was picking up a lot of weeds on my fin. Monday I went out on my 92L wave board and a 4.7. I saw Art out at the House of Refuge and on my way back the strap at the head of my sail let loose and the mast cup flew off. I had to de-rig and swim everything back to the causeway. Monday after work I went back to the causeway but launched at the west island so I could get out on my sinker board. Brandon was there so I rigged a 5.2 on my 88L axxis. It was light at first but it filled in and it was fun. I hadn't sailed off that island in a couple of years. Tuesday was the best. Sunny skies and the water was low so the sandbar was cutting most of the chop and the channel was smooth. I rigged a 7.0 on my bic and made long runs up and down the channel. Dino, Jon, Norman and David were on the water. On the runs heading north you were bearing slightly off the wind and Dino clocked 34.1 on his gps. At one point a large sight seeing boat headed up the channel putting out a large wake and Jon took advantage of that.

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