Friday, March 12, 2010

Big wind yesterday

The wind was out of the south and the sky was heavily overcast. James C., Dorian and a couple other sailors were on the water. Brandon pulled up when I did, David arrived shortly after and a few others were rigging 5 somethings. I was reading 17 - 23 mph on my wind meter, so I rigged a 5.0 on my 92L board. I was nicely powered and thought I could sail from shore to shore as I made my way south. I scraped the sandbar near the channel a couple times so I stayed over on the west side of the channel. The first 45 minutes were great but the wind was building and jibing was becoming a real challenge. Three times I stopped to flatten out the sail but it reached a point where I was definitely overpowered. I passed James C as he was heading back from the House of Refuge and it was shortly after that I decided to turn back as well. Bearing off wind brought on so much speed it was the fastest I had been on this board. I had good control until this gust hit and the board was tail walking and the sail started shaking and I got blown over to leeward. The tail piece on my boom bent on impact so I decided to let the wind blow me back to the causeway.

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