Thursday, March 4, 2010

I need to post more often the week tends to blur after a while.
Sunday I was at the causeway around 1:00 wind was out of the NE and it was fairly sunny. Greg just finished up on a 9.0 and the wind was fading. Dino was rigging an 8.4 and to me it was looking like 10.5. I was dragging my feet to see how Dino made out on his rig and was waiting for Greg to de-rig (this is a guaranteed method of making the wind pick up!). Greg, the wise windsurfer that he is, took his boom off and and changed out of his wetsuit and waited. Sure enough the wind started to build. Dino was planning more often so I rigged an 8.5 on the formula. Greg suited up and we went out and had a good hour or so. I was glad I hadn't rigged a 10.5 because I was getting overpowered.
Tuesday the wind was out of the SE and overcast. The wind had been fading slightly before I got to the causeway. James took off on a a 5.1 so I rigged a 5.0. Just as I was ready to hit the water Dorian informs me that showers were on the way and sailing would be better in a couple hours. I headed out as a drizzle comes down and I am struggling to get planning. Brandon and James were out near the House of Refuge and I wasn't having much luck getting there. I ended up on the shore line near Dicks house as Brandon and James schlogg by. It took awhile but finally I was able to get up and schlogg back. I checked the wind history on the Jensen site and I was out during the biggest downward spike of the day :(
Wednesday the wind had swung around to the NW and was very unsteady. It was heavily overcast and in the 50's. I wavered for quite awhile deciding what to rig. At first I dragged out the 5.0 and ended up rigging a 7.0 heavily down hauled. It turned out to be the right setup. There was heavy chop awaiting at either end of the island due to the incoming tide but further out it wasn't bad on the 118L board. I had wicked speed in the gusts but I was able to coast to the next gust most of the time. I had a blast!

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