Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday afternoon the wind came up big! At 1:00 I arrived at the causeway; Dick, Darren and Jerry were on the island. Ron T, Dino, Art, James, David, Dave M and Dorian were on the water. I rigged a 5.2 on my 92L board and headed out, I was nicely powered and could see 4 sails out at the House of Refuge. I was about 2/3rds of the way there when I broke another boom. I drifted/sailed back to the causeway and was looking for Paul to see if I could rent one. Dick saw the fix I was in and said it was to nice of a day to miss this wind and he graciously loaned me a boom. About this time Dino came in and said the wind had come up more, so I applied more down haul and headed out. Frequently I felt overpowered but made my way out to the House of Refuge. I had a great hour on the water. Water was flat near the House and at the spoil island, this made for some great jibes. I think I am getting this synchro dialed in. Getting back wasn't the white knuckle affair I expected because a storm rolled in and the wind backed down. It was just a matter of hitting the island before the lighning hit me.


James Douglass said...

Cool, man! Glad to hear you are getting dialed on the syncro. We'll have to get another ocean session sometime soon. What kind of 5.2 did you get?

Dave Zajicek said...

2007 ezzy wave. Hey when I borrowed Dicks boom his lines were shorter than mine. I struggled at first but made some adjustments and found it is a better setup! I am always checking wind direction to see when I can get back up to the inlet.